Content and Media Distribution Services

Today multimedia content is delivered via broadcast networks, the Internet, IPTV, and mobile. Delivery methods include broadcast, unicast multicast and peer-to-peer, but the experience is seldom homogeneous and seamless for the customers. Content delivery by its very nature also includes a number of restrictions and rules regarding rights. The worlds of broadcast and telecom traditionally have had their own standards track, based on different commercial requirements. Convergence between both worlds for content delivery results in a proliferation of technical options and specifications, which result in a “standards maze” and a lack of clear business models supported by an accepted technology.

In addition commercial solutions developed by different market players do not interoperate across platforms. The crux of the matter is that at one end, content providers face the challenge to provide different content formats to the various distribution pipes, which in turn generates unbearable costs, whilst at the other end, customers’ buy-in remains well below expectations.

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