Custom Rich Internet Application Development

Rich Internet Applications provide business with an affordable option for deployment of desktop, web applications and communication technologies. Unlike conventional HTML applications, Rich Internet applications do not require an installation process and use web browsers or clients to function. With a few technologies installed on the client machine like Flash, Java or ActiveX, the combination produces an application that provides user experience with enhanced responsive, interactive and intuitive options.

Rich Internet Applications combine technologies for a fascinating interface that enhances user experience in web-based interactions. From the image icons accessed on mobile phones to the technology embedded within an ATM card, flash development and content development systems are a part of our economic community around the world. The advantages offered by Rich Applications can be widely used for various industrial purposes. Rich Internet Applications offer end users an interactive interface that is faster than traditional applications. Experts also agree that Rich Internet Applications reduce many complexities involved in traditional web applications thereby complementing business ideals.

Our RIA skill set includes:
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • AJAX
  • Flash Media Server
  • HTML5
  • Flex Chart
  • Flex Builder
  • Microsoft Silverlight

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